October 1, 2022

Instagram Ditches the IGTV Brand, Combines Everything But Reels Into An ‘Instagram Video’ Format

[ad_1] On Tuesday, Instagram announced that it will now combine IGTV’s long-form video and Instagram Feed videos into a new format called simply “Instagram Video.” TechCrunch reports: These videos, both longer and shorter, will be found on users’ profiles in a new “Video” tab. Meanwhile, when people encounter videos on Instagram, they’ll be able to […]

Scientists Have Successfully Recorded Data To DNA In a Few Short Minutes

[ad_1] Researchers at Northwestern University have devised a new method for recording information to DNA that takes minutes rather than hours or days. Interesting Engineering reports: The researchers utilized a novel enzymatic system to synthesize DNA that records rapidly changing environmental signals straight into its sequences, and this method could revolutionize how scientists examine and […]

A Surgically Implanted Brain Stimulation Device Could Help Treat Severe Depression

[ad_1] An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Sarah was the patient in a proof-of-concept trial of a new approach to treating severe, treatment-resistant depression, published today in the journal Nature Medicine. The findings open up another possible strategy for helping people with the disorder. The study only involved Sarah, and it’s still […]

5 Simple Statements About Forum Explained

In this article the online news forums are studied as a medium of public communication and as avernacular conversationsal public debate. First, these forums are classified as avernacular conversational public debates due to the fact that users base their arguments, not on technicalities, and they do not receive legitimacy from any authority. Forums and news […]