August 7, 2022

Instagram Ditches the IGTV Brand, Combines Everything But Reels Into An ‘Instagram Video’ Format

[ad_1] On Tuesday, Instagram announced that it will now combine IGTV’s long-form video and Instagram Feed videos into a new format called simply “Instagram Video.” TechCrunch reports: These videos, both longer and shorter, will be found on users’ profiles in a new “Video” tab. Meanwhile, when people encounter videos on Instagram, they’ll be able to […]

Scientists Have Successfully Recorded Data To DNA In a Few Short Minutes

[ad_1] Researchers at Northwestern University have devised a new method for recording information to DNA that takes minutes rather than hours or days. Interesting Engineering reports: The researchers utilized a novel enzymatic system to synthesize DNA that records rapidly changing environmental signals straight into its sequences, and this method could revolutionize how scientists examine and […]

A Surgically Implanted Brain Stimulation Device Could Help Treat Severe Depression

[ad_1] An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Sarah was the patient in a proof-of-concept trial of a new approach to treating severe, treatment-resistant depression, published today in the journal Nature Medicine. The findings open up another possible strategy for helping people with the disorder. The study only involved Sarah, and it’s still […]