June 29, 2022

Barack Obama – The Final President Of The United States?

2010 is a large election year. No one can question the significance of these elections considering all that our country is working with. Most New Yr’s resolutions are directed at our waistlines or wallets, but we require to make a few personal commitments regarding how we vote this yr. I have outlined my personal top ten resolutions for voters.

This couldn’t have been a better time to elect a black man as president, but why? Does he truly want alter and tax reform and all the other great small presents he’s providing? We shall see. Only in the last 7 days since the America is good have I seen, journal covers with Barack Obama on them with simple advertisement lines this kind of as “it’s About Time!” or “We have waited a lengthy time for this” not precisely to quote but what do titles like this mean to the American people? Well it’s fairly simple to see. On leading of newspapers, bumper stickers and t-shirts dressed up in gangster lettering and hip hop type mottoes covered in gold trim, You have to inquire your self if voting for Obama was a choice for alter or was it that blacks and other minorities wanted to see a black man in the white home.

Similarly, you come in a boxing training program (or any plan for that matter) attempting to discover new abilities and obtaining in much better form. Your program makes you understand your weaknesses and makes you work on them. You do have goals in mind that you want to achieve and it would consider hard work and patience to attain them. This is the “bloody” stage but for certain studying new abilities and getting in your very best shape ever is the most fun that you will at any time have working out!

In the current system, you can both use for an absentee ballot in which you can vote remotely via a mail ballot, or you can vote at the polling workplace assigned to you when you sign-up to vote. Voting at the polls takes place in the middle of the workweek on a Tuesday for national elections, which indicates the typical person who functions a 9-6 job has to rush to the polling workplace after work and stand in line to place their vote. With these limited choices, it is no question why our voter turnout in the United States is so low. Who wants to do that? An on-line voting method would streamline the process immensely! Combine it with electronic voting machines at polling locations, and you could have elections results as quickly as an hour following the last polling office closes.

Next to absolutely nothing is really recognized about the Diebold device programmers. Or LHS Associates. Or the magic formula vote-counting software program utilized to tally our ballots. We are anticipated to blindly take the magic formula decisions that control almost every aspect of our lives – like most government declarations that every day confirm the fact that we are the only so-known as “democracy” that does not signify the passions of the complacent citizens below its manage.

If I wanted to get a spin more favorable from the republican side, I stayed on Fox. I tried to be fair and although I didn’t link with the democrat candidates, mostly because there’s some thing sinister that hangs over Hillary and Bill, I would tune into CNN. My God, I want I wasn’t so shallow, but at least Osama is fairly appealing to appear at and listen to. Old man McCann, it’s difficult to believe how long he can hold up.

The subsequent bit of election manipulation absentee voting would eliminate is the intimidation aspect. There would be no polling location for thugs to dangle out, scaring absent voters.