October 2, 2022

Business Opportunities On The Net

Everybody knows how to change strings on an electric guitar. Elementary, no? Still, it’s an entirely different task when it comes to changing strings properly and on different types of bridges.

It isn’t necessary that we win our little wars with others. When the stakes are so trivial, then why drive a stake into another’s self-respect? To stand on one’s rights too many times means to stamp on the other person’s heart. It isn’t worth the temporary mean battle we would win. Never in Christ’s sensitive life do we read of Him speaking an unkind word. If we would have Christ then we must have His consideration for others and His ability to have the larger view of their problems. We may think we have just demands but Christ-like love desires peace even more. Christ will take care of our need Tune MS SQL for justice.

Charles Spurgeon, the renowned 19th century Christian writer, tells us: “Impatient people water their miseries and hoe up their comforts; sorrows are visitors that come without invitation, but complaining minds send a wagon to bring their troubles home in. Many people are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed; they chew the bitter pill which they would not even know to be bitter if they had the sense to swallow it whole in a cup of patience and water.” Galatians 5:22 lists long-suffering as a fruit of the Spirit for ourselves only. We aren’t to make others suffer long by having to listen to our complaints.

Every day in businesses across North America customers are sad. Most times if you’re not careful, you don’t know about it. This is another silent killer in the service business. It has been my experience that on average a sad customer, disappointed in your service will cost you five sales over a two year period. You can’t afford to lose these potential customers in any economy, but it is even more relevant now. When you crystallize your service strategy you’ll need to design and implement an effective plan so that the sad emotion is not another silent killer in your business.

When you tuning services call to schedule a potential appointment get them to spend a few moments telling a little about themselves regarding their experience and training. During this portion of the conversation try to get a feel for the way they feel about their job, their philosophy on customer service, etc.

Now that you are adding these articles regularly, you need to make more use of them. Turn each of them into Press Releases for your local papers or for your ‘Niche’ publications. Entice the paper by giving them most of the story but leaving some questions unanswered. Your objective is to make the reporter pick up the telephone to speak with you about the Press Release.

Allow me to explain. My teenage son doesn’t wear just any old sneaker. Oh no! It has to be a teen fashion statement sneaker. For my teenage son, that’s where the value is. He doesn’t care what the sneaker costs. Quality isn’t high on his agenda either.