August 13, 2022

Choose One Of The Christmas Photo Cards This Year

While Bonny’s day may have started badly but gotten better, Celia’s day just seemed to be bad the whole day. Celia awoke and forgot that she was sleeping on an air mattress and not on a bed. She tired to sit up on the side and her legs made a loud thud against the floor.

The EHD format brings the fun back to the game by including multiple players. It keeps the games lighter with higher life totals and the singleton aspect cuts down on killer combos. Commander themselves provide direction and some hefty support, providing you choose a good commander.

Wal-Mart is another great place to pick up merry What I like about picking out cards at Wal-Mart is they wont break the bank. They are very reasonable in price. They have a wide range of cards for anyone that you would want to send a card to. They even have cards that you can send to people from your pet. Like Hallmark they also have singing cards. I would recommend Wal-Mart if you are on a strict budget because it’s a great place to pick up your holiday cards.

You don’t need lots of fancy tools. You can get by just fine with a pair of scissors, a glue-stick, and some double-sided tape. Anything else is a luxury.

My client knew that if she didn’t pull together the stamps and return address labels, print her labels, and get her photo legal cards, she was at risk of not getting her cards done this year. She was blocked because she didn’t have a good photo of her children. She could have chosen to cancel our appointment or use our time together for another project. But, she decided to use the pressure of the deadline of our appointment to motivate her to seek help from an employee to create the photo card. Once that block was removed, she was able to move forward.

The gift of giving helped me stay in the Christmas spirit amidst the hustle and bustle that seems to come with the holidays. This year, I dropped money into every single Salvation Army bucket I passed. I always try to put some change into Salvation Army buckets each year during the holidays, but this year I was especially inspired to give more. My special inspiration came from fellow CP Donna Porter’s article titled “Salvation Army Saves Another Soul, Mine”. Every time I heard that tinkling bell rang by someone standing beside those red pails, I recalled her words and was challenged to make a donation. I didn’t have a lot of extra money to contribute, but did what I could. Thank you Donna for sharing your story.

Use a thin magic marker to write on the album pages or write on stickys and paste them on the pages or near the pictures. The main thing is that you name the person who sent you the card, and who he or she was in your life. Keep the dates accurate as well. Remember it might be a grandchild of yours one day that asks you to show them something about your life. It will not do to tell them you forgot who that person was, or what the card meant to you – especially if it was from a young first love.