August 13, 2022

Employing Social Networking Hub Sites For Online Reputation Management Objectives

Imagine: A platform of only business owners and business professionals that has over 140 million members and growing daily; where the average income per member is US$120,000.

The site is still new. Obviously, growth is planned because they are adding new extras and cool stuff almost daily. Being a new social community though, doesn’t mean that Pam and Tobin haven’t been around for a while. Their first book was published more than a year ago (and taught in the live course at Idaho State University) and the second edition was published early this year (and is the textbook for this course). So, while the online course is new, their teachings have been around for more than a year.

The syllabus. The syllabus is broken down into seven modules. Well, actually there are six modules and an Advanced Training module that encompasses the stuff you need once your site is published, like search engine optimization, search engine marketing (known as article marketing), and online What Is Online Reputation Management Exactly?. Each module is as step by step as things get, complete with a checklist and reading assignments.

Learn to live with it. Most people have a pain management problem: pain is bad and needs to be eliminated. Actually, quite the contrary is true: pain is the only language your body communicates with you and if you cut it out, you’ll never know what is wrong with you. Negative reviews are painful, however, that is the only way to find out what is wrong with the system, where are the weak points, and collecting ideas on how to improve products and services. Our company gets paid to inflict pain on the client: it is better to endure some level of pain than to suffer a major catastrophe.

People love free stuff and if you add a little competition, such as a contest, you’re in business! This is the easiest way to build links Online Reputation Management but the trick is to entice people to share the URL of their submission. The more links the higher your page rank and search engine listing will rise since your website traffic will significantly increase. You can build a micro-site just for the contest and then link it to your main site. Fortune 500 companies do it all the time.

This doesn’t mean you have to share your deep-dark secrets in the break room or invite your boss over for Sunday dinner, but a little Monday morning small talk won’t kill you. This can feel painful if you’re incredibly private or introverted, but recognize that most of us want to work with people we know, like and trust. If you want to be seen as a valuable contributor and not just a cog in the wheel, consider letting your guard down just a little bit.

First, do not get too excited to sell your coaching programs instead, start by building relationship with your prospects. Get to know these people and be willing to listen to them. Let them talk about their problems and let them ask you their question. Be patient in providing answers and giving out expert advice without getting in return (at least not yet). The goal here is to give these people a chance to know you and to convince them that you’re an expert and a good coach. Once you’ve earned their trust, it’ll be much easier to get them to sign up because they already know that you will not fail them.

But lets say you do not have any luck getting a hold of the person who posted the negative review. Or, maybe you tried without success to get your new content to show up on page 1 of Google.