August 14, 2022

Entering Lafango’s ‘Streetscape’ Photography Contest

First of all you must tell a story. Often photographers get home with the perfect image after searching for hours, just to realize that it doesn’t tell the story of their journey.

The great thing about Rota Northern Mariana Islands you don’t have to be a professional to capture great pictures. Today there are so many good quality cameras that are on par with many professional quality cameras that won’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars. This is why almost anyone can show how they see the world through their camera. Practice and more practice is what you need to familiarize yourself with your camera. Don’t wait until you are enjoying your vacation to try and figure out how to use your camera. This will lead you to extreme frustration as well as not being able to use your camera the correct way. Creating great vacation photos just takes a little planning on your part.

Think about the reproduction licenses if you sell electronic images or Sell travel photography DVD’s / CD’s of your work for clients to print also. Make it crystal clear that they are not allowed to change, sell or do anything to your images without your written consent. Make sure that they no the penalty for non compliance will be breach of contract and your possible refusal to continue to work on their images. Set their expectations that you are a professional and you respect your work so they should as well.

Images of your friends on vacation or your pet will also not sell. It does not matter how good your pictures are, if they do not depict a concept they will not sell. In order to sell photos, your images should depict generic objects, a particular concept, or emotion. Images of travel destinations can always find a buyer provided that the images capture the essence of the place.

This would require not only a good photo but also a subject which is worth printing. It may or may not fit the requirements for stock photography, for instance, but it should catch the attention. And should look good when blown up as a print.

Today many companies need help with administrative tasks that can be done online. Instead of hiring actual assistants, they turn to the web, providing you with a fast way to make money. Some of the duties can include editing documents, answering email communications, creating spreadsheets, making reservations for travel online, and more. These jobs usually start out at between $15-20 per hour and the pay can up from there. Some sites even offer you free training where you can become certified as a virtual assistant.

We would all love to have weeks or even months to stay at a location and explore it fully and take our time to make great photographs, but for most of us it is just not practical. So to get the best out of our photography when we do travel somewhere new, we need to adapt and be flexible. Working out the best way to do this will make your next trip both more rewarding and more enjoyable.