May 28, 2022

Five Important On Page Seo Tips

Google is perhaps the pre-eminent search engine on the internet today. Most websites get their traffic from Google referrals, so it’s no wonder that anyone with a website would want to get indexed by Google. However, a website may be live and around for several months without once appearing on Google’s list.

Before you will actually feature on any search results carried out on Google, you must get your keywords well sorted out. Maybe you already know about keywords but has anyone told you how to get the right keywords? Well, you can use paid service to extract “everyday searched phrases.” But if you are operating on a tight budget, you can use a free one. Even Google Indexing service provides an external keyword suggestion tool which is used to run AdWords. Meta Tags are found on the HEAD section of the website but are hidden on the browser. In choosing your keywords, do not repeat any of the phrases as this will definitely confuse search spiders and automatically make your site unfriendly for indexing.

They can even be simple, one-page blogs that offer a few tips and recommend your site in a call to action. You can use these mini-blogs to highlight the different category and tag pages of your main blog with a little copy and pasting of your blog’s sidebar code.

There is a standard rule in search engine indexing that you should have less than 50 text links on one web page. When adding a link to another site, request where your link will go. It is also known that the link should not be placed on a site more than three sub-folders back in the site.

Yahoo! Site Explorer is a free SEO tool for backlink research and analysis. It provides users with the list of backlinks pointing to the targeted domain. To get the results you just go to Yahoo! search and enter link:yoursite[dot]com. The system will automatically redirect you to Site Explorer, where you’ll be able AddNewURL see the list of links to the specified website.

Are you familiar with the FOX TV show, “24”, starring Kiefer Sutherland as Agent Jack Bauer? The show is premised on showing what happens in one day, one hour at a time. Agent Bauer works miracles and saves the day, in only 24 hours! Well, I am not Jack Bauer, so I can’t promise you traffic in an hour. But, my name is Jack and I can promise you traffic in 24!

Your websites need SEO. There is no doubt about that. But where to find an affordable SEO service can be a daunting task. Do a search engine search to research the SEO company to see how well their site ranks. If it ranks well, there’s a good chance that yours will rank well also. Not every SEO service is the same. Be careful with overpriced fluff. Demand to see results, and make sure you ask about a 1 or 2 month trial. There’s nothing wrong with test driving the car to see how it runs.