August 14, 2022

Keys To Good Oral Health

The tooth development of your baby begins before the birth itself. Around the sixth week of pregnancy the primary teeth and permanent teeth begin to develop. But these teeth are sealed under the gum line and erupted only after the birth. All most all the teething problems of your baby can avoid by eating calcium rich foods during the pregnancy. Your baby’s primary teeth began to erupt from the 4th month onwards; but this may vary from one baby to another baby. Some may not even get their first tooth till 8 months. The central incisors (Two teeth both in bottom and upper portion) followed by molars and the canines (teeth next to the front teeth) are erupted first. Back molar teeth began to show last. You can see all teeth of your baby by age of three.

Your jaw may be swelling and painful. If this is the case, apply a cold compress on the area. This will keep the swelling under control and minimize bruising. Over the counter medicines such as Tylenol can alleviate the pain until you get to the Family Dentist in Culver City CA.

Timer: Dentists recommend cleaning your teeth for a total of 2 minutes. Many toothbrushes come with a timer which will tell you when those two minutes are up.

Because a Dental Center clinic caters to the needs of children, it will be better to have some items for kids. These things should make children feel more comfortable and relaxed. Things like toys, children’s tables and chairs, children’s books and a play area would be great to invite kids in a dental clinic. Kids feel more relaxed and comfortable if they are surrounded by familiar things. They must get the impression that they are not in a clinic but in a play area where their teeth will be checked.

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9) Nail clippers on a retractor. This way your clippers are always right there and ready to go. Your dentist will thank you as well. Dentists aren’t too fond of fishermen biting their excess line.

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