July 7, 2022

Miss Metal’s Top Ten Favorite Rock & Roll Songs – At The Moment

The endless steaming ribbon of road unrolls before you like a film. Heat haze shimmers and distorts the horizon, breaking the asphalt into tiny lakes which dissolve into nothingness as you rocket on through. A lanky saguaro cactus seems to nod at your passing; but maybe that’s just the red shift. Your hair whips and flutters in the slipstream, bleached blond by the desert sun. The land vibrates up the steering wheel, transmitting its essence through a kinesthetic connection that you learn to read like Braille.

There are actually different kinds of music created for motion picture. One is the underscore or also known as the background music score. There is also the original recording and the music that is specifically composed only for a particular movie. All of these are used game in movies and recordings. Afterward, it is subject to contracts as well as royalties that make it exclusive for the company.

Jay Gordon- ‘Slept So Long’ – From the soundtrack of Queen of the Damned, I could have sworn this song was made for that movie. The lyrics are entirely vampiric and sound exactly what Lestat might be singing to his maker. I really like this song for the slow and purposeful drums and the growly voice of the vocalist because both make the song just that more awesome.

The album, Back In Black, was Brian Johnson’s welcoming introduction to the band and it was a huge success right from the start. It has been called by many in the music industry as the second best-selling rock album of all time. My trivia question to you is: What 1986 Stephen King movie featured many AC/DC songs that made up the movie’s soundtrack? I will give the answer after I name my choices of the 5 best AC/DC songs.

Women have to view black men as computers. When they consider getting involved with a black man, they need to find out what programs the model of their computer comes loaded with. Ideally, you want a computer that’s equipped with the programs that cater to your needs, enable you to execute your daily functions, and fulfills your desires.

3 Days Grace- ‘Pain’ – Haha, this song is the best. 😛 This is what the world is about these days and I’m loving it. A world of misery is worse than a world of anger. “Anger and agony/ Are better than misery”! 3DG is a perpetual favorite here.

My many conversations with older black men about music in the 60s and 70s confirm one thing: the love song was alive and well back in the day. It was an integral part of the courtship strategy that black men used to “woo” women. Smokey Robinson, Barry White, and Teddy Pendergrass supplied the soundtrack and the lyrics which influenced the romantic aspirations and psyches of young black men.

If all you are doing for your music fix is listening to the radio or buying from iTunes, then you are definitely shortchanging yourself. Use one or all of the services above, and as Don Henley once sang, get down to the heart of the matter. Your online music experience will be the better for it.