August 19, 2022

Reality Check – Does Online Marketing Match Your Expectations?

Write out all the publications your IDEAL clients read – both online and offline. This will take some work, some research, and some surveys. Find newspapers, trade magazines, general magazines, ezines, paid newsletters, newsgroups, chat rooms, forums, and blogs – find everything that is humanly possible.

Isolated one-time advertisements are like one-night-stands: exciting for a while but ultimately unfulfilling and devoid of meaning. Your audience is looking to get married, not a short-term fling. Your marketing has to woo your visitors with long-term campaigns that tell your story and deliver your focused message; audiences expect to be courted and counseled with meaningful communication. And that takes time and commitment.

OIn the contemporary world, internet marketing is made easy thanks to social free web promotions like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Blogger, WordPress and all the other blog sites. PHP forums are included as well in this list. Social media websites like Flickr, Metacafe and YouTube coupled with book-marking websites like Furl and Delicious as well as RSS feeds and viral marketing strategies are included in the interest groups.

I know that, all things being equal, the very best conversion results can be produced internally…you and your team know your product and service, you know your customers and you know why your customers buy…all that is missing are the technical skills. Along the way in your career, you have mastered Property Management Systems, training skills, motivation and leadership…and you can master this thing called online conversion too.

And so in hopes of helping any reluctant web marketers reading this to see the error of your ways, allow me to offer this simple, one-second IQ test …

Once you have all the stuff with you and you have gone through it, just check out whether the links that you have inserted are working properly or not.

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