August 13, 2022

Tankini Swimming Suits – What Is Your Style?

Do you mean you could actually look good in a bathing suit and go to the beach while pregnant? Like even 8 months pregnant? Of course you can, as specially made maternity swimwear is available in many styles (even plus sizes) to accommodate your preferences and give you the look you want. You may even get a compliment on how beautiful you look being pregnant!

Doctors routinely prescribe metronidazole or Flagyl. There are several ways it can be used; a one-time treatment orally or tablets taken 3 times per day for a week. Most people prefer the single dose to get it over with quickly. This medicine also comes in gel form for vaginal use. It is effective but not as potent as the oral medication and reoccurrence rates are higher when using the gel.

Make sure you have everyone’s Pirate Swimsuit if you aren’t already wearing them to the beach. If you are wearing your suit to the beach having a change of clothes handy is helpful so you don’t end up driving home in sandy wet clothes. Be sure to wear flip flops or sandals so that you can loose the sand easily. Find out before you get to the beach if there are changing rooms and showers available for use. It is not pleasant to end up at the beach to find there are no restroom facilities or showers.

Pack sunscreen, and lots of it. I have been to Florida in January, and it has been 85 degrees. The Pirate Swimsuit sun is hot! The last thing you want to do is burn. That will surely put a damper on your vacation. Bring sunglasses and hats. They too provide excellent protection from the sun. It is also smart to pack bug spray, or bug bands. The mosquitos can get pretty bad at night, especially in summer.

Always have a sweatshirt or lightweight sweater packed, and at least one pair of jeans. It gets cold in some of the air conditioned buildings in summer. Winter nights can get quite chilly too.

In 1946 the bikini was invented and little developed with the swimsuit industry since that time. However two years before the end of the century tankinis arrived. It is widely acknowledged that Anne Cole a leading fashion designer based in California launched the first tankini in 1998. This step, while just as innovative as the bikini has not created the uproar that the bikini did. Another advantage is that the two pieces can be purchased separately. So, if a woman gets pregnant, gains weight or simply decides she wants to change her look, she can mix and match her old tankini with nearly an unlimited selection of other items to create an entirely new outfit.

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