July 2, 2022

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What’s with all the wasted food, hell we have sufficient to feed the world, yet regrettably it is a transportation concern or distribution obstacle. Remember to generate is disposable, as well as thus, agriculture is constantly tested to get those products to market. Okay so, let’s discuss possible options to these obstacles.

In the Journal of Health And Wellness Matters there was in a fascinating item of study (November 2015) “Lowering Food Loss And Waste While Improving The general public’s Wellness” by Roni A. Neff1, Rebecca Kanter, and Stefanie Vandevijvere, with an abstract that kept in mind:

” A projected 30 percent of the international food supply is lost or thrown away, as has to do with 40 percent of the US food supply. There are important synergies between initiatives to decrease food loss and waste and also those promoting public health,” as well as “Some treatments are both possibilities and difficulties. With purposeful planning and activity, difficulties can usually be addressed as well as developed into opportunities. In other situations, it might be required to strike a balance between prospective advantage in one area and also the threat of harm in the other.”

The very same problem had a paper labelled; “A Food Systems Approach To Healthy And Balanced Food And Also Farming Policy,” by Roni A. Neff, Kathleen Merrigan, and David Wallinga, where the abstract kept in mind;

” This short article outlines the diverse methods which farming affects public health. It then defines three plan issues: farm-to-school programming, sustainability suggestions in the Dietary Standards for Americans, as well as antibiotic usage in animal agriculture. These problems highlight the development, difficulties, and also public health benefits of taking a food systems approach that brings together the food, agriculture, as well as public health fields.”

Now then, you can clearly see the problem, yet what about a solution using robotics? Why squander all that food, especially food in the field which deteriorates because of the organizing of labor to select the crops at the most optimal time to get one of the most effective, even if that misses much of what is readily available prior to as well as after the pick?

Recently, I was cycling by a field of orange-colored Bell Peppers, and also I noted at the very least 50 full grown up peppers being in the first water wrinkle closest to the road, indicating there went to least 50 in every row, they grew and were not picked in time as well as lost, I intend the labor will show up at one of the most maximum time to get the ripest produce the most successfully, so those peppers ready prior to or after the pick are thrown away, possibly 30-40% of them.

Suppose we had a little robot that chose all the ripe Bell Peppers each day, rather than waiting on only one or 2 of one of the most best choosing times to bring in the labor to pick the vegetables? If so, we could increase the return of that field by 30-40%. This might go a long way towards feeding more people. Think of this.

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